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GT Exhaust is driven by a desire to make a better tomorrow. Not only are we committed to creating a cleaner, quieter world with our state-of-the-art solutions, but we also believe in doing our part to preserve our beautiful planet for generations to come. As part of this commitment, GT Exhaust is proud and excited to launch the GT Exhaust Green Initiative.

The Green Initiative seeks to protect the environment and reduce our "carbon footprint" by developing more efficient ways of operating. The first step was to evaluate every aspect of our company and discover how we could be more efficient and environmentally friendly. Immediately, we recognized some great opportunities.

We realized that the most direct effect we had on the world around us was through our product offering, and we saw the opportunity to improve our world for future generations. With that in mind, we developed the Purity™ cDPF, a simultaneous silencer and filter for particulate matter. We pursued and received a Level 3 Plus verification from the California Air Resources Board for the Purity™ unit. We are proud to announce that this unit complies with even the most stringent of regulations, achieving up to 95% reduction of particulate matter. Read more about our CARB verification here.

Transportation and shipping have a huge impact on the environment, so finding a means of reducing “road time” became a priority. We began working with local suppliers and partners who could deliver the same quality and level of service while significantly cutting transportation distances. Likewise, we created a shipping system that allowed us to “bundle” deliveries in order to reduce the number of daily shipments, while still being able to deliver solutions in a timely manner.

Reducing waste became our next priority. We found that powder coating our products versus painting them not only made them much more durable and weather-resistant, but also greatly minimized byproducts and emissions. Powder coating is now the standard finish on the majority of our silencers and accessories.

Of course, in a manufacturing industry, there is always going to be some waste, so recycling was the next phase of our Green Initiative. GT Exhaust has had a scrap metal recycling program for years. Recently, we have expanded the recycling program to include plastic, aluminum, cardboard and wood, and have already seen amazing results.

While using paper is an unavoidable part of doing business, we strive to significantly minimize our paper consumption. We have utilized imaging to preserve our documents, which allows us to digitally archive critical information and recycle hard copies. In the event that printing is necessary, we work with printers who are members of the Forestry Stewardship Council to print on recycled or recyclable material. Many of our printed materials feature 100% post-consumer paper and soy-based ink.




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