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Standard Silencers
For over thirty years, GT Exhaust has been a competitive supplier of solutions for sound attenuation and emissions suppression. GT Exhaust specializes in producing both standard and custom units, working to meet any space or regulatory specifications required.
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Spark Arresting Silencers
Our spark arresting silencers are for use on the exhaust of internal combustion engines where fire hazards exist. The centrifugal force design separates solids from the exhaust gas stream. Solids are then deposited in easily accessible cleanouts or spark traps.

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Turbo Silencers
Our A203 Series silencers are configured for use on turbo charged engines where low pressure drop is critical.
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Annular Flow / Intake Silencers
The A205 Series is capable of servicing a variety of applications through a horsepower range of 200 to 5000 Hp, or a mass flow rate of 2.5 thru 65 lbs/sec. Approximate capacities are based on average gas velocity through silencer of approximately 10,000 ft/min, and will vary depending on pressure drop criteria.

The A205 is a truly versatile silencer. In addition to standard engine applications, it is extensively used in gas turbine, blower, compressors, vacuum pump, and Dyno-Room exhaust applications.
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Serenity™ disk silencers feature a space-saving design. This low profile silencer provides extraordinary performance in a compact size, and is excellent in applications where size restriction is a critical factor.

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