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ATEX Series Spark Arresting Silencers
GT Exhaust offers a full line of both Cylindrical and Harmony disk Spark Arresting Silencers that are approved, in accordance with EN 1834-1:2000, EN 1834-2:2000, EN 1834-3:2000, to comply with the ATEX Directive (European Directive 94/9/EC) requirements.  These products meet the requirements of ASTM F2876 – 10** and are ABS Type Approved.  These Silencers are specifically designed for use in Marine, Oil and Gas, Mining, Forestry, and other applications where the potential for hazardous environments exist.  View our ATEX Installation Manual, Certifications, and Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty Terms in the GT Exhaust Library.

**ASTM F2876 – Thermal Rating and Installation of Internal Combustion Engine Packages for use in Hazardous Locations in Marine Applications. 

ATEX-A202 and Harmony ATEX-H9 Spark Arresting Silencers are ABS Type Approved in accordance with ABS Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessel Rules, 2012, 1-1-4/7.7, 1-1-Appendix 3. Product Type Approval Certificate:  12-HS870175-PDA, dated July 5, 2012.

ATEX-A202 Spark Arresting Cylindrical Silencers
The ATEX-A202 series of diesel engine spark arrestors are constructed of heavy duty 316L Stainless Steel that are excellent for use on stationary, marine, and mobile power units in harsh environments.  They are designed for use on the exhaust of internal combustion engines where the potential for fire hazards exists.  Centrifugal force separates solids from the exhaust gas stream where solids are then deposited in an easily accessible cleanout.   With four models, numerous sizes, and Style 1 or Style 2 inlets/outlets available, the ATEX-A202 series can meet a variety of sound attenuation and installation requirements.

ATEX A202-2100 ATEX A202-4100 ATEX A202-5100
ATEX Harmony™ Spark Arresting Disk Silencers
The ATEX Harmony™ H9 series features a space conserving, spark arresting silencer designed for use on exhaust of internal combustion engines, where fire and explosion hazards exist and where ambient noise levels are relatively low.

Centrifugal force separates solids from the exhaust gas stream. Solids are then deposited in an easily accessible cleanout. The low profile design is ideal for engine enclosures, trailers, marine, or any application in which height and/or low radiated heat is critical.

ATEX Harmony H9-4 ATEX Harmony H9-5  


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Serenity™ disk silencers feature a space-saving design. This low profile silencer provides extraordinary performance in a compact size, and is excellent in applications where size restriction is a critical factor.

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