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GT Exhaust RICE NESHAP Solutions

At GT Exhaust we’ve studied and become experts on the regulation, came out with a full line of RICE NESHAP Specific products, and worked with our Channel Partners and Service Providers throughout the country to ensure that we are READY to keep you in compliance. If you have a Compression Ignition (CI) or Spark Ignition (SI) Stationary Engine, chances are that you will be affected by this regulation.

To learn more about RICE NESHAP, give our experts a call at 1-888-894-3726.

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GT Exhaust RICE NESHAP Information

GT Exhaust RICE NESHAP Capability and Product Presentation
GT Exhaust PowerGen and RICE NESHAP Presentation
RICE NESHAP Spec for Environmental Consulting Engineers
RICE NESHAP Opportunity for Environmental Consulting Engineers

GT Exhaust Catalyst Monitor Product Data Sheet
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Product Data Sheet (Compression Ignition)
Oxidation Catalyst Product Data Sheet (Spark Ignition)
Three-Way NSRC Product Data Sheet (Spark Ignition)

Operating Manuals

GT Exhaust Catalyst Monitor Programming Manual
Catalyst Monitor Installation and Operation Guide
Converter Installation Manual



Product Warranties and Performance Guarantee

GT Exhaust Catalyst Monitor Warranty
RICE NESHAP CI Catalyst Performance Guarantee
Catalyst Warranty
Catalyst Monitor Warranty
Sales Terms and Conditions

RICE NESHAP Tools and Applicability

GT Exhaust Catalyst Design and Application (Registered Users)
Download our Catalyst Monitor Software
Use this Application to understand if RICE NESHAP applies to you
RICE NESHAP Rule Summary - Compression Ignition (CI) Engines
RICE NESHAP Rule Summary – Spark Ignition (SI) Engines

EPA Contacts and Fact Sheets

EPA Compression Ignition (CI) RICE NESHAP Fact Sheet
EPA Spark Ignition (SI) RICE NESHAP Fact Sheet
EPA RICE NESHAP Implementation Q&A (7/17/2012)
6/7/2012 Proposed Changes for RICE NESHAP
EPA Region 1 RICE Resource Website
Stay Abreast with the Latest RICE NESHAP Updates from the EPA

To be in RICE NESHAP compliance you’ve got to have a good relationship with your regulator. To make it easy to determine who you will be working with in the Local, State, and Federal Government Environmental Agencies, we’ve provided their contact information below:
EPA Regional RICE Contacts
State Specific Air Quality RICE Contacts







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