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Purity™ Silencers
GT Exhaust's Purity™ cDPF acts as a simultaneous silencer and filter for particulate matter. It can be purchased as either a separate unit that can be installed in front of an existing silencer or as a new silencer/filter combination that can be installed in place of the existing silencer to meet your sound attenuation and emissions control needs.

Purity Silencer
Purity Silencer


  • CARB Level III Plus Verified
  • Up to 95% particulate reduction
  • Light weight, reinforced design to reduce cost and weight without sacrificing strength.
  • Constructed with stainless steel on the inside to prevent rust and scaling from clogging the filters.
  • Constructed with stainless steel on the outside for long life.
  • Quick release latches on access panel.
  • Filters are completely removable for easy maintenance.
  • Internals are designed to prevent turbulence between filters and to minimize back pressure.
  • Silencer walls are internally insulated to maintain temperatures for regeneration.

The Purity™ cDPF Silencer stands as a unique, completely configurable product line.

  • Space saving design.
  • Exhaust flow can exit out the top or the end.
  • Access panel is located on either the top, the bottom, or the sides to give you easy access to the filters, no matter what the installation.
  • Mounting bracket location to suit individual needs.
  • Single or dual inlets.
  • Connection locations and types can vary.

Technical Drawings

GT Exhaust Purity™ Silencer drawings coming soon!



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