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At IAC Acoustics we’ve studied and become experts on the regulation, came out with a full line of RICE NESHAP Specific products, and worked with our Channel Partners and Service Providers throughout the country to ensure that we are ready to keep you in compliance.  If you have a Compression Ignition (CI) or Spark Ignition (SI) Stationary Engine, chances are that you will be affected by this regulation.  Let us help you determine where RICE NESHAP is applicable to you and how you can budget and prepare for it.  Our experts will walk you through the regulation and compliance process and will continue support you as your system is installed.

40 CFR Part 63 Subpart ZZZZ (RICE NESHAP) has a lot of complicated and confusing rules within it. Let our experts walk you through the differences in Area and Major sources, the different requirements for SI and CI engines, as well as what the requirements are for the different engine sizes. 

To learn more about RICE NESHAP, give our experts a call at 888-894-3726.

Visit our RICE NESHAP Library to get the latest GT Exhaust RICE NESHAP specs, Warranty information, Applicability Requirements, and Regulatory Information.

The GT Exhaust Catalyst Monitor is a Continuous Parametric Monitoring System (CPMS) that is designed specifically for RICE NESHAP compliance. With an easy to use, full programmable interface, the Catalyst Monitor will log events and alarm when temperature or pressure drop is outside of regulation parameters.

GT Exhaust Catalyst Monitor GTM07
GT Exhaust Catalyst Monitor Programming Manual
GT Exhaust Catalyst Monitor Warranty
GT Exhaust Catalyst Monitor Brochure
With over 5,000 Emission Control Solutions installed, a patented catalyst insertion system, an Industry Leading Warranty, and a Knowledgeable and Trained Staff, you can be assured that GT Exhaust will be READY to help keep you in compliance with RICE NESHAP.

201VO/V3 and Tower Unit Silencer / Emissions Control Solutions are designed to be installed on both CI and SI Engines from 500-3000 Horsepower. They feature a Patented (USPTO # 8,192,533) Catalyst Insertion System that creates a gas-tight seal around the element for maximum emissions reductions. These solutions are available in Commercial through Super Critical Attenuation grades that can be easily matched meet the requirements of local sound regulations.

From Ground Accessible Elements, to Seismic and Wind-Loading Analysis, to a full-line of Accessories, GT Exhaust has the engineering and manufacturing capability and flexibility to meet your needs.

Emissions Case Study
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Data Sheet (Compression Ignition)
Oxidation Catalyst Product Data Sheet (Spark Ignition)
Three-Way NSRC Product Data Sheet (Spark Ignition)





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