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Diesel particulate matter (soot) is composed of solid as well as liquid. Particulates consist of liquid heavy hydrocarbon, carbon soot, water, and hydrated sulfuric acid. Carbon monoxide (CO), a poisonous gas produced by incomplete combustion, is created when fuel is burned. Incomplete burning in “cool“ areas of the combustion chamber, such as cylinder walls and the valves, result in hydrocarbon emissions (HC).

Diesel emissions account for approximately 70% of all particulate matter contaminating our air, and is now classified as a toxic air contaminant by the California Air Resources Board. Airborne particulates are inhaled and fine particles can attach themselves to the lining of the lungs, which then can lead to lung cancer. The longevity associated with Diesel engines will require retrofits in order to achieve ambient air pollution reductions.

GT Exhaust Silencers utilizes catalyzed particulate filters to dramatically reduce Diesel emissions. The advanced technology behind the catalyzed Diesel particulate filters (cDPF) enable engines to comply with governmental emissions regulations by reducing toxic levels of Diesel particulate matter, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

The filter consists of a cellular ceramic substrate. Exhaust gases enter a honeycombed maze of channels that actually captures the particulates. The filter is designed to be selfregenerating. The special catalytic coatings on the filter substrate interact with the gases and carbon particles to create complex chemical reactions. The interaction between the exhaust gas and the filter creates a chemical reaction, which converts carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapors. Most particles larger than 35 nanometers are efficiently removed from the exhaust. Tests have shown that up to 99.6% of the DPM is removed. Hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are also reduced by up to 99%.

The regeneration process is dependent on exhaust temperatures. High or low sulfur fuels (greater than 15 ppm sulfur content) require higher exhaust temperatures than the ultralow sulfur fuel. To cover most sulfur scenarios while meeting the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and state requirements, GT Exhaust recommends heating the filters up to a 750 F regeneration temperature to burn any collected diesel particulate matter. GT Exhaust’s catalyzed Diesel particulate filter silencer features a special thermal wall inserted between the double outer shells to trap heat so the filter can heat up quicker to burn the particulate matter before it builds up the backpressure too high. This special construction is modified to prevent any fiberglass from escaping into exhaust systems or filters.

Results of GT Exhaust Filters* Tested at the University of California’s Riverside Facility
To meet the minimal 85% particulate reduction and the newer California Air Resources Board (CARB) Level 3PLUS requirements, the particulate filters used by GT Exhaust were tested at the certified University of California’s Riverside facility operating on California diesel “red dye” number 2, with 500 ppm maximum sulfur content. The results of these PM2.5 CFR and PM2.5 ISO tests (both weighted ISO 8178) ranged from 98.5% particulate reduction efficiency to 99.6% particulate reduction efficiency. During the same tests, the total hydrocarbon (THC) reduction efficiencies ranged from 81% to 58% for the 0 hour and 1000 hour run times respectively, with the 500 hour test at 99% reduction efficiency. The carbon monoxide (CO) tests ranged from 98% to 89% reduction efficiencies for the 0 hour and 1000 hour run times respectively. The GT Exhaust filters exceeded the CARB Level 3PLUS specifications with negligible NO to NO2 conversions. This is due to the special washcoat formulation that makes the GT Exhaust filters NOx neutral.


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