Water of Life

by Scarlett Stough

1. John 4:1-9. When Jesus asked the Samaritan woman to give him a drink of water from Jacob's well, why was she surprised he asked her?

2. John 4:10-11. What did the Samaritan woman not know?

3. John 4:12-15. Water quenches physical thirst temporarily and sustains life, but must be drunk regularly. What was different about the “living water” Jesus was offering her?

4. John 4:16-20. What convinced her that Jesus was a prophet, but why did she begin talking about location for worship?

5. John 4:21-24. Who are “true worshippers” God seeks?

6. John 4:25-29; 39-42. What was the result of the woman's belief and testimony?

7. John 7:37-39. What is meant by “streams of living water will flow from within” those who believe in Jesus?

8. Acts 2:38-47. What is required to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit?

9. Revelation 22:16-17. Who is offered “the free gift of the water of life?”